rewaco Trikes are made for touring. More space means more comfort with a timelessly sophisticated design.

rewaco developed two new trunk versions for the coming Trike season, both optional, that increase loading volume by 50%.


NEW. RF1 ST "Tourback"

The extension of the rear end grants an additional 50%
of luggage space volume and now measures 225 Ltr.

The new rewaco ST “Tourback” is 9 cm longer than the ST
and equipped as standard with gas props.


NEW. RF1 GT "Tourback"

The GT Tourback features:

  • Extended rear end with 50% additional space and 205 Ltr. of storage volume
  • A stronger optional emphasis of the rear lights through two tone painting
  • Rear valance with sport design and additional ventilation slots
  • Higher seat comfort for the passenger, as the overall vehicle length has
    increased by 14 cm
    More information on the new rewaco Tourback-models is available at your local dealer.

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