Available models:
  • RF1 GT
  • RF1 LT-2

Available bodywork colors:
  • Estoril blue
  • Soul red
  • Lava orange
  • Light green

Included equipment:

  • Varnishing in vehicle colour: ″Black Line″
  • Varnishing of spoiler in black matt
  • Varnishing of rear diffuser in black matt
  • Pedal adjustment with ″QuickChange″ in black matt
  • Navigation preparation and 12V plug
  • Two tone horn
  • Comfort bucket seat ″R-Edition″ front and passenger seat
    in color graphite w/ twin seam in white
  • Handlebar ″Style″ in black matt
  • Décor stripes in black matt
  • Steering fork Sportline in black matt
  • Headlamp brackets in black matt
  • Turbo air inlets, left/right, in black matt
  • Rims front/rear in black matt
  • Main and auxiliary head lights in black matt
  • Reling in black matt
  • Roadster bar in black matt
  • Turn indicator, front inblack matt
  • Side impact protection foot boards in black matt

All equipment options listed herein are available altogether in our „Black Line“ package with a favorable price advantage. Any option off this package can also be selected individually. For further information, please refer to the current rewaco price list.

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